Meeting Security

Separation of meeting creation and attending the online meeting

Meeting administration can rest in ease because the most demanding part of meeting creation is residing in his or her computer rather than on web pages.  Using the native program running on Windows, Linux or Apple ensure the efficiency and security of the data involved.  MCSA is lighting fast and easy to use.  You can set up a board or members’ meeting in just a few minutes if you are using the standard templates with little or no modification to the content of the documents.


The 123 App handles only things that relay to that particular meeting with no exposure to the whole company secretarial data.  This can protect the system from any possible breach from outsiders.

Blockchain on Votes

Use of Blockchain password encryption to secure voting record

In order to ensure the security of each vote, we have employed the modified version of the blockchain technology in ensuring each block of data is valid from the intended person and the chain of blocks are fully accounted for.  When the meeting administrator exports the meeting to every member, the system would first create a Genesis block which contains the data structure only.  When the first member cast his vote using his App, the unique ID of his mobile phone will carry forward together with his choice to the Genesis and formed the first Block of data.  This block of data is unique to the voter himself.  When the second voter cast his vote, the system will build a second block of database which includes the first block.  The second block of data belongs to the second voter only.  By doing so, if you have 100 people to vote on an issue, you will have 101 blocks of data.  Each block of data belongs to that particular voter and this cannot be altered or viewed by others.  However, every voter can view the whole voting result.  But the result will only show his name on the result list and not other names.  This will ensure fairness and security of counting each vote by computer and every voter can ensure his vote is being counted correctly by checking the last blockchain for security.

Vetting Meeting Creator

Vetting of meeting creator

Since only the authorized meeting creator can create a meeting, that can ensure the authenticity of the meeting and the security of the members’ data to be correct.

Document Encryption

Document encryption

You have an option to encrypt the documents to be displayed in 123 App.  The common way to release the encryption is to enter a secured password by member.

Restrictive Account

Only meeting creator can create the account for member

Not everyone can create an account to be used in 123 App.  Only the meeting creator can create an account for its members.  However, once that member got an account through at least one meeting or election, then the member can start enjoying the benefit of online meeting.

Know who searched you

Identification of searcher and notification

When a member tries to search for another member, we will notify the targeted member and the searcher’s identity to ensure maximum security.