School Meeting

Parent-Teacher Conference Just attended a Parent-Teacher Conference last night. I like to share my experience with you. Before the PTC, the school sent a lot of notices of the pending meeting and ask the parents to choose the sessions with each teacher. I didn’t. So, the head of form keep on bugging me and set one up for me. Then the head teacher wrote to me repeatedly to for confirmation. I have a list of 9 visits to each teacher’s station. Each one last for 5 minutes. Yesterday, I have to get off work early and find my way to the school, which is located in a remote area. No parking is allowed for parents. So, MTR and bus. Fortunately, I went through every single one of them. You know what, I find out that there isn’t really much they can talk about my child. They have to put up the file from the computer and then spend a minute to remember who this student is. By the time they come to their senses, they just talked some nonsense. If I were them, I wouldn’t like it either if I have to stay late to almost 7 PM. You see, the school spent so much effort in organizing this event. The students have to stay over and wait until their parents come. Most parents need to get off work or from home in order to get to school. And they only have 5 minutes to talk about their children’s performance and problems at school. This tremendous waste of time and resources prompt me to offer a free PTC to the first 100 schools in Hong Kong. I know how a school works. This tool will give teachers a great resources to really contacting the parents and to present their case. If you are the head of school, please do call me at 2521-3110 (Harry Tsui) for more information. Checklist

  • The school assigns the teacher as the Meeting Creator.
  • The teacher then set up the PTC meeting by inputting the parents’ email addresses.
  • Insert the student’s performance report and works.
  • Create the agenda of the meeting, things you want to discuss with the parents.
  • Create the Vote, if any, of the parents’ responses.
  • Get the confirmation from parents through their 123 App.
  • Conduct the meeting.
  • Conclude the meeting and save the meeting.