Meeting type


Corporation or company is a legal entity. It cannot do things by itself. Directors perform the administrative function on behalf of its shareholders. Meeting is the function to carry out the duties of the directors and as a mean of ultimate control of shareholders rights.

The major difference between a corporation and sole proprietorship is its separation of management and ownership.  Shareholders are owners of a corporation.  They elect directors to the Board of Directors to carry out the administration duties.  If a director or the board of directors makes a decision not for the best interest of the corporation, they are to be considered a breach of fiduciary duty.

Board of directors carry out its duties through Board Meeting.  The result of the board meeting is called Resolution.

Shareholders carry out its command through annual general meeting.  Any other meeting not considered to be AGM is called Extraordinary members’ meeting.  Voting by poll or proxy is a common form of exercising a member’s right.


School Administrators

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