How to set up a meeting?

Chart 0: use Simple Guilde If you start from the beginning, you can choose to use this Simple Guide to lead you through all the steps to organize a meeting.  If you transfer the data from CSA, then you can skip this part. Chart 1: Main page Once you have completed the Simple Guide, or get the transfer from CSA, you will see this Meeting Detail main page. Chart 2: Add members to the meeting Add or edit all the members that need to attend the meeting.  The most common omission may be the auditor or invited parties that are not in your CSA database.  It is very important to double check the email addresses to make sure that they are correct because this will be used as the User ID to gain access to Company123 App. Chart 3: Sending invites to members Member would receive the email notification to download the App from Google Play or iTune Store.  Once he enters his email address as the ID and the given password, he will see this page about the upcoming meeting. Chart 4:  Member in online meeting Member will check the meeting agenda and who is holding it.  The more important thing is the time slot.  If he is prepare to speak or type in his opinion, the information on the Agenda is very important to him.     Chart 5:  View other members Here, member can view who is joining the meeting onsite, online or not attending either of it.  Member can click the “star” to put that selected member to be on his Favourite Member list for later communication.     Chart 6: Reading meeting information Member can view all the attached documents for the meeting.  Any document that he reads will be recorded in the system.     Chart 7:  Other options.       It is rather simple.

  1. The meeting administrator sets up the meeting on MCSA.
  2. The system sends out notice to members of the upcoming meeting.
  3. Members log in to the 123 App to view the details of the meeting, who will be attending, meeting agenda, minutes and resolutions they want to pass by vote, and other matters.
  4. Members will say yes or no whether they will be attending the meeting.
  5. At meeting time, members sign in to signal his attendance.
  6. The chairman of the meeting then starts conducting the matters according to the agenda.
  7. Everyone can speak, write or listen of what others are saying.
  8. The chairman will ask for vote.
  9. Members can use vote on the 123 App.
  10. The chairman concludes the meeting.
  11. The meeting administrator will finalize the meeting minutes and save the meeting conversation as evidence in MCSA.
  12. Members can view the conclusion through the 123 App.