Extraordinary general meeting

  Members or shareholders exercise their rights usually through the general meeting, usually held every year.  All other general meetings are called Extraordinary General Meeting.  An EGM is called only for some specific business and called for members vote to action.  The most recent case is the EGM for Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants on March 2, 2018.  This EGM is called by a collection of members according to the Article of Incorporation.  It asked for the resignation of the CEO and the refund of the excess fee received to members in the form of money.


  • Prepare the documents before presentation.
  • Hold the Board Meeting to determine the date of the Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • Send out notices to the upcoming Extraordinary General Meeting.
  • Hold the Extraordinary General Meeting and to obtain approval from members in the form of ordinary or special resolutions.
  • Gather the forms of appointment of corporate representative, proxy, consent to short notice of meeting (if needed) and write out the final minute and resolutions.
  • Save the meeting.