Voting for Candidates

This function is reserved for any kind of election.  User can find the position that the candidates are competing for, candidates’ profile from meeting administrator and campaign materials submitted by candidates.  Election is different from Poll.  Election is always for the positions while poll is usually conducted at a meeting with the show of hands.  The main concern here is to give every candidate a fair chance to present himself to the voters and count those votes by the computer.  The famous saying about election is not who is casting the vote but who counts it.  By assigning this important task to the computer to do the job in an open and secure manner can ensure the trustworthiness of the elected candidates standing.


  • Select Election in type of meeting.
  • Input the detail of the election.
  • Input the candidates detail.
  • Insert any candidates campaign materials.
  • Export to 123 App.
  • Collect the voting result and present it to the members.
  • Save the Election detail.