Difference from other meeting software

Easy to use for meeting members

We use a common 60 years old lady as the guideline.  If it is too difficult for the old lady to use the function, we either eliminate it or modify it.  That is why you use the Meeting Bars as the basis for the menu.  A touch to the Meeting Bar will open up the information.








CSA Advantage

Every software has its own strength and weakness. Whether a software is good or bad depends on user’s experience. 123’s advantage is its natural connection between the CSA system and the 123 portal. CSA user doesn’t need to learn a separate system. All they need to do is just press a button in CSA Meeting and the system will do the rest in setting up a meeting for client. Just one click, nothing more complicated than that in setting up a meeting. If you so choose the automatic function, the system will check all the required documents, set up the Agenda, compile a list of participants, set up the Voting  option, set up the Chat room and sending out the meeting notification to each participant on file. The main strength is to combine the CSA’s information processing and the in-depth knowledge of company secretaries in their day-to-day use of CSA system.

What you need to do next?

As a professional company secretary for your company or your clients, you are responsible to provide the most accurate and timely service to your Board of Directors and shareholders. You need to ensure that all the legally required meeting are held according to law, all legal documents are prepared and everyone is to be treated fairly. Now, one of the most important change in modern company law that allow meetings to be held online or anywhere as long as all the formalities and paper works are done and it allows members and directors to “speak”, “listen”, and “read” the meeting proceedings as well as other members’ comments.

This is a new world and new challenge to modern day company secretarial practice. For the last 28 years, CSA has been providing professional service in keeping up with all the new law changes and to provide a bridge between users and the Company Registry to iron out the problems in implementation of the company law in practice. The CSA software has already incorporated most of the new changes. However, the CSA system can only provide a comprehensive management system but not the online meeting function. Therefore, we have created a separate online meeting system for CSA users. We called it MCSA + Company123.