Company secretary’s duties

The company secretary is now the principal administrative officer of a company or corporation.  When the chairman of a board is responsible for the general direction and future policy of a company, the company secretary is responsible for coordinating the board of directors activities.


  • Ensure that the company is always in compliance to all legal matters.
  • Preparation of Minutes and Resolutions of all meetings.
  • Maintenance of all statutory records.
  • Representing the company on legal issues.
  • Advise the board of directors on all related issues.
  • Ensure that all things run smoothly within the company.

What if you are the Company secretary of the HKICPA?

How many of you have attended the EGM of the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs? Don’t you wish you can attend the meeting on March 2, 2018 at 7:00 pm without physically going to the meeting site? With over 20,000 members, you need a Hung Hum Stadium to house all the members. But the EGM will be held at HKICPA’s office meeting room? How many people can fit in to the seminar room? What happens when a member comes to the meeting without a proxy but cannot get in to vote? Can he sue the Meeting Administrator for gross negligence (He should have known that a 300-capacity room cannot fit in 20,000+ members but he still go ahead and do it)? What if this important EGM were indeed allows online participation with voting capability and real time viewing of documents and presentations, would you attend? The development of Company123 is based on the believe that we should allow all to participate, even though in different places, using the best technology available.