Use of Blockchain Technology on Vote

What is Blockchain Technology:


> Is made up of blocks that store data. 
> Has a digital signature that chains your blocks together.
> Requires proof of work mining to validate new blocks.
> Can be check to see if data in it is valid and unchanged.


Making the Blockchain.

A blockchain is a chain of blocks. Each block in the blockchain will have 

  • Its own digital signature,
  • Contain digital signature of the previous block,
  • Holds the voting data.



Why is it more secure?

Each block doesn’t just contain the digital signature of the block before it, but its own digital signature is in part, calculated from the previous digital signature. If the previous block’s data is changed then the previous block’s digital signature will change (since it is calculated in part, by the data) in turn affecting all the digital signature of the blocks there after. Calculating and comparing the digital signatures allow us to see if a blockchain is invalid.

That means changing any data in this list, will change the signature and break the chain.


How to avoid people to change the result?

If someone were to tamper with the data in your blockchain system.  Their blockchain would be invalid. They would not be able to create a longer blockchain.  Honest blockchains in your network will have a time advantage on the longest chain.  A tampered blockchain will not be able to catch up with a longer & valid chain.

In our case, the attacker would need to know every voter’s digital signature in order to change his vote.  Even if he can change one block of data, the rest of the blocks will change accordingly.  The voter can see in his App of his actual vote got changed and the system will render the votes invalid.


Meeting administrator can only see the results

Every voter can see the detail of the voting result in his own mobile phone without the voters’ identities revealed except his own.  But for meeting administrator, he can only see the final results but not the individuals who votes. 


How do we know that the voting records are valid?

Since the voting record is distributed among all voters and each voter can double check the accuracy of his own vote through his own mobile phone that has the unique phone ID, that ensures the integrity of the voting results not to be tempered with.


  • Every voter can access the same voting records
  • Only the voter who voted using his own mobile phone can see his own identity, not anyone else, even the Meeting Creator.


Use Mining to verify the integrity of the voting data

When necessary, we will perform as a miner to do proof-of-work by trying different variable values in the block until its hash starts with a certain number of 0’s.