Annual general meeting


A company needs to hold an annual general meeting at least once a year (other than the first year of incorporation).  This important meeting allows owners of the company the chance to vote on the members and chairman of the board of directors to carry out the duties on behalf of the company.


  • Obtain the final financial statements from your auditor together with the audit report.  Prepare the Management Report and submit it to auditor for review before presentation.
  • Hold the Board Meeting to determine the date of the Annual General Meeting.   At the meeting, approve and sign the audit report, recommends any final dividend, and the appointment of directors and auditors.
  • Send out notices to the upcoming Annual General Meeting and distribute the auditor’s report and other notices.
  • Hold the Annual General Meeting and to obtain approval from members in the form of resolutions to receive the auditor report, to pay any dividend, and to appoint directors and auditor.
  • If there is an issue for the allotment of shares, consider whether the AGM should grant the board of directors a mandate for the next year concerning the allotment of shares.
  • Prepare and file the Annual Return.
  • Gather the forms of appointment of corporate representative, proxy, consent to short notice of meeting (if needed) and consent to short service of auditor report at AGM.