2 Minutes

If you have CSA, it only takes 2 minutes to prepare the meeting

If you use CSA, It only takes 2 minutes to produce the meeting detail, agenda, minutes and resolutions, voting items and then send out the notice of meeting to members so that they can download 123 App and start studying the meeting document.

1. One minute.
2. One minute.


Without MCSA + 123, the normal routine for CSA users:

For those who uses the CSA system, which accounted for almost all companies in Hong kong and major corporations in China, they would be familiar with those common types of meetings like board meeting, annual general meeting, and extraordinary meeting. Let’s see how they allocate time in managing meetings:

1 minutes. Preparation of all documents.
2 hours. Sending out notices to members.
4 hours. Conducting the meeting.
2 hours. Finalizing the final minutes.

If the administrator can complete the above schedule, he or she can be considered extremely efficient.