Setup Meeting in 5 minutes

Looking for a software to help you setting up your Board Meeting, Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meeting, Poll, Election of Officers in 5 minutes or less? You come to the right place.

Meeting Software online, on-site or both

A total solution for company secretaries. CSA is for corporate information system management. MCSA is for creating online meetiing with option to import from CSA. Company123 is a easy to use mobile app for members to attend meeting online. Each one perform different task to form a complete solution for company secretaries.

Market leader

We have over 28 years of experience in generating industry stardard minutes, resolutions, notices and almost all commonly required forms and schedules to satisfy the professionals needs. The first automatically generated minute was produced through our own in-house written word processor using our propriatory VDL language, even before Word for Windows ever existed.

Leave the writing to us

It's not just the software, it is the knowledge that concerns you. You can share the wealth of experience of many professionals who have contributed to legal wordings in munites and resolutions throughout the 28 years. Just take advantage of it.

Never miss a meeting!

With Company123 mobile app, you and your clients don't need to miss important meeting while enjoying the hotspring bath in the mountain.

Type of Meeting Supported

We handle most of the meetings commonly found in private companies and some meetings in public companies that permits online member attendance. The importance is not the type of meeting but in the detail or options of each meeting. That is where we are at best.


Annual general meeting

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Extraordinary general meeting

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Board meeting

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Voting for Candidates

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Counting Yes or No

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Parent Teacher Association

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School Meeting

Parent-Teacher Conference

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See how it works magic

We make it easy for you to set up a proper meeting by going through our Guild or just import it from CSA.

The system will send invitations to members in email and mobile App notifications.

Members can meet onsite, online or both using their mobile App.

Advantage of Know-how

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience in how to properly setting up a board meeting, annual general meeting and extraordinary meeting.

1 Million

Estimate about 1 million companies using CSA for minutes and statutory forms

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2 Minutes

If you have CSA, it only takes 2 minutes to prepare the meeting

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5 Minutes

Start from scratch using the Guild, it takes 5 minutes

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Average saving in time and money

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How is it Possible?

Hong Kong has adopted the new Company Ordinance of 2014. Under the new law, a company may hold a general meeting at 2 or more places using any technology. Sec. 584(1). The main requirements are all members can "listen","speak" and "vote" at the meeting. Place is not important while time is still an essence of the meeting.

The development of new technoloy like the Internet allows people to connect with each other in real time with no physical boundary. The new law has quickly recognized that reality and to make the best use of that development.


Change of law for modern time

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Mobile App

Advance in mobile phone technology

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Tie in to your corporate database

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