Turn Your Office Into an Online Service Center



Customer in Control

Your customer can easily login to any web browser in PC or mobile phone and create service order. This ability allows your customer to take control of his own problem.

Business Chat Room

Use your own private chat room for communication between you and your customers, or among your staff makes the virtual meeting real and productive.


Your staff can work from home and receive customer orders from your customers. The ability for your manager to review and assign each service order and to follow up makes work from home is a real choice.

Happy Customer

When your customer can create, monitor and communicate for his own service order, that makes him a happy customer. A happy customer means more business.


  • Place order anywhere
  • Direct chat with officer
  • Payment for service (coming)


  • Staff can work from home
  • Direct chat with customer
  • Add or modify order items


C123 is best for service oriented business such as company secretarial that require customers to fill out data forms and then pay for the service, or tax return preparation that require a lot of information.  Other like requesting an opinion from lawyer or tax accountant on issues, to make appointments, enquiries, or even sales of individual items.  Basically, we are providing a tool for customers to shop and place order and officers to pick up the order and make conclude the sales and service.

We will provide you an input sheet in Excel CSV format.  You can ask the system to import your client’s information into the system.  Also, we will provide you with a tool to send out emails to your existing customers with log in information.

We develop our own chat room technology.  Although the chat may look the same but they are under the entirely different concept.  Our chat is mainly for business use.  However, we do allow regular users to set up their own private chat group.  All information are encrypted and user can destroy their private message permanently with no trace in the system.  Message between customer and officer will be stored in a secured server and will be destroyed regularly.

San Francisco is our home town.  The first version of the CSA User Manual was written there.  So do the first time sheet and expense system as well as the Hedgefund administration system.  I took this picture in the year 2007 after coming out from our San Francisco office on Post Street.  At that time, there wasn’t that many tech companies.  Now, we have so many global mega companies like Google, Twitter, Sales Force, Uber that all have their offices in the city.  Just interesting to know how an economy develops with just a liberal and free spirit, best weather, best food and a friendly atmosphere that attract the world’s talent.  We will introduce C123 there soon.

It is more convenient if the system can have a way to notify you of the pending chat message or a change of the order’s status.  You can always deny or turn the notification off and rely on self checking.

Nowadays, the function of operating in web browser is similar to app.  The best thing is no download, no registration, and no waiting for update.  We have developed many apps before.  The only problem is the time to get the approval.  One time, it took us 3 months while our client was waiting impatiently.  Under the web browser environment, all you need is to type the link (your firm’s name.Company123.com) and then save the link to Home Page.  The phone can receive notification for chat message and to take photo for avatar or in the chat room.  I think this is the future that apps are fading out fast.